I am conducting some boxing research. I needed information from one fight that took place in Marseille. The fight:Aug 25, 1929 Primo Carnera-Joe Thomas  Marseilles   From the next day Marseilles newspaper, I need the weights of both fighters and the venue where the fight took place. No photocopies are necessary and an email answer would be great. I would appreciate any help that your library could provide whenever you can get to my request. Merci,


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Suite à votre question sur « Primo Carnera boxing match in Marseille « , la BMVR de l’Alcazar de Marseille vous répond :
you can find these informations on the website Boxrec.com with browser by name
by example for Primo Carnera

Jo Thomas

Primo Carnera : Size and weight (1m97 pour 122kg)

Jo Thomas Size and weight (height 5′ 11″ / 180cm) no weight

The place : at 3pm 15 in the « Arènes du Prado » in Marseille

In 1929 one newspapper talked about this fight « Marseille matin» two press articles on 25/08/1929 and 26/08/1929
on Aug 25, 1929 Primo Carnera-Joe Thomas : the game took place at 3pm 15 in the « Arènes du Prado » in Marseille but we have’nt find informations about weights . Only that Carnera was winner by stop by the arbitrator at the 4th round .
At the same time several fights took place in the Arènes du Prado there were :
Primo Carnera against Joe Thomas
Laffineur contre Pegazzano
Kid Oliva contre Ugnin
Boffa contre Pons
Boireau contre Andreys

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