What is relationship between architecture and Coran ?

intérieur de mosquée

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Here are some bibliographic and web resources (all in English) about relations between architecture and Quran :

1) Videos on YouTube :
first you could see some videos, for examples :

Flat earth hypothesis in Muslim architecture

The complex geometry of Islamic design / Eric Broug

2) Documents to download or websites :

Islam and Architecture : architectural interpretation from the values of Al-Quran and Sunna / Zeensoni Yusof – to download from Academia.edu

The Quran as inspiration for Islamic Art on Architecture / Tayeba Batool – to download from Academia.edu

Quran and sunnah as the foundation of islamic architecture / Spahic Omer – on the website islamicity.org

3) Database online
You could also see the database Oxford Encyclopaedia on Islamic world, specially the entry « Architecture »

See also our previous answer on the same subject

Eurêkoi – Bibliothèque de l’Institut du monde arabe

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