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Vrai ou faux, l’Inde a produit en 2013 plus de trois fois plus de films que les Etat unis ? merci

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    affiche du film The lunchbox (2013)Notre réponse du 22/01/2018

    Afin de trouver des statistiques sur la production de films de l’Inde et des Etats-unis, j’ai consulté, non sans mal le site suivant :

    Institut de statistiques de l’Unesco
    Indicateurs pour l’industrie du cinéma 06/04/2017
    Pour consulter les statistiques, veuillez consulter

    Sauf erreur d’interprétation, l’Inde produit 2,5 fois plus de films que les USA
    Inde 1724 films au total pour 2013
    USA 738 films au total
    Je vous laisse vérifier en consultant le lien puis les critères…

    Voir également ces rapports (en anglais) sur le cinéma indien
    2012: Digital Dawn – The metamorphosis begins Indian Media and Entertainment Industry
    2011 has been a dynamic year for the Indian Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry – A year in which the transformation of the industry began to take hold. It was also a year of mixed fortunes, with advertising growth being robust in the first half (January to June), and muted in the second (July to December). The long-promised digital ecosystem began to impact various segments. Film saw benefits from digital distribution with wide releases and early capture of revenue, cable digitization got underway, and the music industry grew on the back of consumption of digital music. The analysis presented in this report has been put together after extensive discussions with senior stakeholders of the Indian M&E industry.
    Download Report

    Rapport de 2013 daté de 2014 The stage is set FICCI-KPMG Indian Media and Entertainment
    Industry Report 2014
    Voir page 63 pour le cinéma

    Executive summary: Year 2013 2013 was another good year for the film industry. Coming off 2012, a record year , the industry recorded a strong performance both in terms of content and box office collections. As anticipated, the year was marked with movies which scored big at the box office with stronger stories, grander sets, experimental concepts, new faces, multistarrers and strategic marketing initiatives, which has pushed the envelope further for the Indian film industry.2 While the capital poured in through organised and unorganised channels, the industry still faced challenges in delivering robust bottom line results. In order to deliver better returns, players have started contesting the ‘traditional success formulas’. A quick look at the recent box office collections shows that the traditional notions of delivering a ‘blockbuster’ performance have been tested, defeated and buried deep under. The audience have shown their appetite for differentiated content, continuing the story of evolution of the Indian audiences. The audiences, in many cases, stayed away from the regular run-of-the-mill concepts, barring a few megastarrers that were able to pull in viewers based on star persona and past successes.

    Le marché du film indien, impénétrable pour le cinéma international ?
    par Mohamed BENDJEBBOUR • Publié le 30.03.2011

    Un article un peu ancien mais intéressant :
    Cinéma : statistiques mondiales, Graeme Villeret 5 mai 2009


    Eurêkoi – Bibliothèque Publique d’Information

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