In March while on holiday in Zagreb, Croatia, I attended a temporary Chagall exhibit. One of the paintings I saw was stunningly beautiful. I regret that I did not record the name of the painting, though I did take a photograph of it. I was hoping someone could help me identify it, perhaps if I sent my JPEG photo via email someone could help me? I am getting married soon and was hoping to obtain a reprint of the painting as a present to my wife. Thank you very much

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I found the reproduction of the painting you send me.
It is a lithography dated 1988 with name :

Honeymoon. cat n°192 Inv : 120443
Lune de miel en français.

I saw it in the book named : Chagall .Collection russe et collection privée. Musée des Beaux arts Pouchkine Moscou.
Editions Larousse 1989
If you want a reproduction, ask a permission for the copyright to the Museum as :

Museum Complex of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

Postal Address: 121019, Russia, Moscow, Volkhonka st., 12


Tell me if you succed in this research.


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