I need your help. My dear father very much like the poems of the Druze singer Farid al-Atrash. For several years my father was trying to find the songs: 1. yarit tidui ili fi albi 2. sadaini lamaulek Can I find these songs with your help? Can I get from you the disk name that this songs appears in ? If you do not serve this service, can you please direct me to where I can also get help ? Of course I’m willing to pay any amount required. Many thanks in advance


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Dear Madam,

You will find the two songs you’re looking for on the web site Fnanen.net :

> Isma’ lama ulek :
كلمات اغنية : اسمع لما اقولك
< http://fnanen.net/index.php?option=com_resource&controller=article&article=16562 >

> Ya Reet tidui ili fi albi :
كلمات اغنية : يا ريت تذوقي اللي ف قلبي
< http://fnanen.net/klmat-aghany/f/fryd-ala6rsh/ya-ryt-tzao8y-ally-f-8lby.html >

You can buy Farid el Atrache CD’s on this bookshop on line, Neel wa’l furat :
أغاني فريد الأطرش من مكتبة النيل والفرات
< http://www.neelwafurat.com/locate.aspx?mode=0&search=music&entry=%DD%D1%ED%CF%20%C7%E1%D8%D1%D4 >

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