I am currently student, studying in Florence, Italy, working on a masters degree. I am writing a thesis on Dadaism. I was wondering if it was possible for me to come and use the library resources from Febuary 8th to Febuary 10th?


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The Georges Pompidou Center countains two libraries; we are the Public one and our catalogue is available on our site. If you make the search with « dadaisme » in subject, you’ll find 45 references of which I give you the first ten:

1 113 Dada Gedichte / hrsg. von Karl Riha. – 1995
2. L’ABCdaire de Dada / Aurélie Verdier. – Verdier, Aurélie – 2005
3. Almanach Dada : éd. bilingue / éd. par Richard Huelsenbeck ; trad. de Sabine Wolf ; notes de Sabine Wolf et Michel Giroud. – 1980
4. Almanach Dada / édité par Richard Huelsenbeck ; traductions de Sabine Wolf ; notes de Sabine Wolf et Michel Giroud. – 2005
5. Am Anfang war Dada / Raoul Hausmann, Karl Riha, Günter Kämpf. – Hausmann, Raoul – 1972
6. Courrier Dada / Raoul Hausmann. – Hausmann, Raoul – 1992
7. Dada. – 2005
8. Dada. – 2005
9. Dada : art et anti-art / Hans Richter. – Richter, Hans – 1965
10. Dada / conçu par Rudolf Kuenzli ; [traduit de l’anglais par Lucie Perineau] – Kuenzli, Rudolf E., – 2007

If you want to go to the specialised library of the museum : Research and documentation centre, the Bibliothèque Kandinsky that opens its doors to professionals, researchers, curators… as well as people who can prove they are carrying out a research, you can make your search in the catalogue available at the address :


If you want informations about the access to this library that is not open to everyone (an appointment is necessary), please consult the museum site at the address :


or even ask your question at this address.


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