Hello, I am a student at Cambridge University studying History of Art in my final year. I am currently writing a dissertation on Peggy Guggenheim in London – her gallery Guggenheim Jeune and her role in the London art scene in the late 1930s. Having looked through the catalogue myself, I was wondering if someone could let me know if you have any archival material relevant to this subject. I am looking for letters, exhibition catalogues…anything that might be of interest. I would be so grateful if someone could get back to me. I look forward to hearing from you, Kind regards,


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You have asked your question to the encyclopedic library Bpi [Public library information]

There is a lot of references concerning Peggy Guggenheim on the catalogue of the Kandinsky Library which is the specialized library on contemporary art of the Georges Pompidou Center, different from the Bpi .

You can check by yourself at the following adress :


This specialized library doesn’t participate to the loan library service. So I guess that if you are intersted by anyone, you will have to come to Paris. You should contact previously to make sure you will be accurated for the access.

Here below you will find the different contact possibilities :


The following book might be also useful for you :

Sincerly yours,

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