Dear Sir, I am from Brazil, I am doing a research for my Phd, in brazilian primitive art exhibitions, and looking for a catalog of « Magiciens de la terre » exhibition, that happens at Centre Pompidou. I tried in all libraries in School of Fine Artes in Brasil, but no way to find. My question, There is a chance to have a copy (black and white) from you catalog. How I can do, how much it will cost? Je remercie pour votre aide,


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I’m sorry but the book that you are looking for is out of print and therefore no more available in booksellers, and the Bpi cannot help you in your search.
In France, the copy right doesn’t allow to copy a whole book and anyway the Bpi is not allowed to supply any document and doesn’t participate in Interlibrary loan services.

You have two solutions to can read this exhibition catalog in Brazil :

-to borrow it through an academic library which participates in international interlibrary loan service.
To locate the book in a library which will be allowed to lend it, you can use the Union Catalog of France (Catalogue Collectif de France/CCFr) that is one of the most powerful online bibliographic and document research tools in France.The CCFr makes it possible to locate more than 20 million documents available in the French library system.
It also functions as a list of French document resources : you can search the French National Directory of Libraries and Documentation Centers (Répertoire National des Bibliothèques et des Centres de Documentation/RNBCD), which provides a complete description of French libraries and documentation centers (4,100 libraries) and their collections.
Since November 2002, you can use the CCFr to request the loan of primary documents and document substitutes (photocopies, photographs, digital copies, etc.).

Its internet adress is :>

– or to buy it in an online secondhand bookshop, but unfortunately I found only an outrageously expensive one at the adress : >

Magiciens de la terre par Jean-Hubert Martin, Musée national d’art moderne (France), et France) La Grande Halle (Paris (Reliure inconnue – 8 janvier 1992)
2 Neufs et d’occasion à partir de EUR 450,00


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