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Dante’s Divine Commedy has been translated in Arabic by Kadhem Jihad (an Iraki poet who lives and works in France) and published in 2003 by Unesco, Paris, in its collection « Collection d’oeuvres représentatives ».
This translation received the Price for « the best translation of Divina Comedia in Arabic » in Italy.

Before him, other translations have been published in Arabic, for exemple those of `Abud Abi Rachid (1930-1933), Amin Abi Cha`r (1937-1938), and Hassane Osman (1959-1969).

The Unesco’s data base Index Translationum gives these results on translation of Dante in Arabic :
1/7 Dante Alighieri: Al-Kūmīdyā al-ilāhīyah [Arabe] / Hasanuthmān / Al-Qāhirah: Dār al-Maārif [Égypte], 1988. 506 p. 3. ed. La divina commedia [Italien]
2/7 Dante Alighieri: Al-Kūmīdyā al-Ilāhīyah: al-Jahīm [Arabe] / Uthmān, Ḥasan / Al-Qāhirah: Dār al-Maārif [Égypte], 2001. 494 p. The Devine comedy: Inferno [Anglais]Divina commedia: Inferno [Italien]
3/7 Dante Alighieri: Al-Mukhtār min al-Kūmīdyā al-Ilāhīyah [Arabe] / Uthmān, Ḥasan / Al-Qāhirah: Al-Hayah al-Miṣrīyah al-Āmmah lil-Kitāb [Égypte], 2001. 212 p. The Divine comedy [Anglais]Divina Commedia [Italien]
4/7 Dante Alighieri: Al-Kūmīdyā al-Ilāhīyah: al-Firdaws [Arabe] / Uthmān, Ḥasan / Al-Qāhirah: Dār al-Maārif [Égypte], 2002. 698 p. La divina commedia: Paradiso [Italien]
5/7 Dante Alighieri: Al-Kūmīdyā al-Ilāhīyah: al-Maṭhar [Arabe] / Uthmān, Ḥasan / Al-Qāhirah: Dār al-Maārif [Égypte], 2001. 506 p. La divina commedia: Purgatorio [Italien]
6/7 Dante Alighieri: Al komidia al ilāhiya [Arabe] / Abūd, Ḥanna / Dimashq: Ward [syrienne, République arabe], 2002. 942 p. La divina commedia: Paradiso [Italien]
7/7 Dante Alighieri: Al-Kumīdyā al-ilāhiyya [Arabe] UNESCO representative work / Jihēd, Kāẓim / Bayrūt: Arab Institute for Research and Publishing [Liban], 2002. 1036 p. La divina commedia [Italien]

Many articles have been written to compare the great poet Abu al `Ala al-Maari to Dante, for example the articles from the Egyptians `Abd Al `Aziz Al Mimani Al Radjakouti (1926) and Taha Fawzi (1930), from the Syrian Kustaki Al Himsi (1927), and the Libanese Omar Al Ferukhi (1944) or from the Algerian Mohamed Bencheneb (1952).
Source : Djaouida ABBAS’ Article about the Arabic translation of Dante

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