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Je recherche des livres de philosophie sur « L’intime en photographie »

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    couverture du livre la sphère de l'intimeNotre réponse du 27/01/2017

    Voici des références d’ouvrages de réflexion sur les liens entre photographie et intimité.
    La photographie : l’intime et le public
    Numéro hors-série de la revue Art-Press
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    Représenter l’intime par le médium photographique : une recherche sur le réveil et le quotidien contemporain
    Christophe Wilwert
    Mémoire de maîtrise , Arts plastiques, Metz, 2004
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    La sphère de l’intime
    Printemps de Cahors
    Actes-Sud, 1998
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    Une interrogation de la base Art and Architecture Source qui permet l’accès à plus de 750 revues et 220 livres en texte intégral.(abonnement Bpi) donne 10 résultats pour une recherche sujet = Intimacy + photography dont voici une sélection :

    1) « A Radiant Eye Yearns from Me »: Figuring Documentary in the Photography of Nan Goldin. By: Ruddy, Sarah. Feminist Studies, Summer2009, Vol. 35 Issue 2, p347­380, 34p, 8 Color Photographs
    Abstract: This essay focuses on the professional career and personal life of American photographer Nan Goldin. Goldin began taking photographs while attending high school in the 1960s, later focusing on taking images of her transgendered friends, eventually creating a changing slideshow shown in the East Village of New York City in the 1970s. She continued to take photographs of her friends when they had AIDS in the 1980s and 1990s. The essay considers aspects of intimacy, immediacy, and loss portrayed in Goldin’s works.; (AN44455823) Art & Architecture Source

    2) Intimacy’s Awkward Beauty: Sarah Anne Johnson. By: Walsh, Meeka. Border Crossings, Jun­Aug2013, Vol. 32 Issue 2, p113­124, 12p
    Abstract: The article discusses the work of the Canadian artist and photographer Sarah Anne Johnson. Particular focus is paid to the artist’s 2013 series titled « Intimacy’s Awkward Beauty, » which examines, via photographs of various couples and individuals, the idea of sexual intimacy. Several works from the series are pictured including « Long Arms, » « Scratches » and « Happy Bubble. »; (AN88156964)
    Art & Architecture Source

    3) Intimacy at Work: Nan Goldin and Rineke Dijkstra. By: Dean, Alison. History of Photography, May2015, Vol. 39 Issue 2, p177­193, 17p
    Abstract: Contemporary photographers Rineke Dijkstra and Nan Goldin each seek intimacy through portrait making. Perhaps not surprisingly, their work is most frequently framed in terms of either empathy or voyeurism. Considering selections from Goldin’sThe Ballad of Sexual Dependencyand Dijkstra’s New Mothers photographs, this essay argues that instead of approaching the text critically through the lens of ‘voyeurism’, this work is best explored by focusing on the question of ‘intimacy’. This essay situates the notion of intimacy both theoretically and historically, considering the workings of intimacy and its relationship to the persistence of inside/outside binaries (most frequently applied in discussion of the dynamics of the photographer/subject relationship). Looking at the way intimacy is represented through the surfaces of skin and the pregnant or maternal body, this essay speaks to questions of intention and critical reception and considers the ways in which photographers, subjects, and
    audiences engage with photographs as material objects. [ABSTRACT FROM PUBLISHER]; DOI: 10.1080/03087298.2015.1038109; (AN102989866)
    Art & Architecture Source

    4) Does Size Matter? By: Batchen, Geoffrey. Konsthistorisk Tidskrift, 2003, Vol. 72 Issue 4, p250­255, 6p
    Abstract: The writer asks what has happened to the intimacy that used to exist between a viewer and a photograph, the intimacy of the photographic experience. Size seems to have something to do with it, he contends, for we are now in the era of the very big photograph; for example, Andreas Gursky’s photographs are partly about their own bigness, and to appreciate their grandly abstract versions of the world one must abandon any desire for an intimate relationship with the photograph itself. The
    writer contends that larger photographs are distancing, literally pushing viewers back from the print as well as from the subjects. He maintains that in the challenge of producing an emotional exchange between photograph and observer, size matters, but skill matters more.; (AN 505043003)
    Art & Architecture Source

    5) Claire Stewart. / Photo essay British Journal of Photography, October
    12 2005, Vol. 152, p42­43, 2p Abstract: A brief profile of emerging photographer Claire Stewart, an entrant in the 2005 BJP/Nikon Endframe Dream Project Challenge.; (AN 505159273)
    Art & Architecture Source

    Sur un spectre de pratiques artistiques plus large,
    L’intime, le public, le privé dans l’art contemporain
    sous la direction d’Eliane Chiron et Anaïs Lelièvre
    Publications de la Sorbonne, 2012
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