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Comment l’expression « frog in the well » se traduit-elle en français?


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    D’après les éléments ci-dessous trouvés sur le net, cette expression proviendrait d’un conte chinois et semble vouloir dire :
    Etroitesse d’esprit

    The Frog in the Well
    March 25, 2013>
    A Chinese fable tells us about a frog that lived at the bottom of a well. This small well was running dry, even though it happened to be right next to the ocean. The frog had never left, though, so he had no idea of the world beyond. The mouth of the well was his sky and the mud and puddles at the bottom were his world. – See more at:>

    Urban dictionnary
    Frog in a well
    Used to describe a situation or individual who cannot or refuses to see the big picture because of being sheltered and/or closed minded. This is the opposite of a frog in a field.
    You have no idea what skills are required, as you have been a frog in a well for the last 30 years, stuck in the same old job with the same old skills. I have been a frog in a field jumping from job to job learning a vast amount of skills you have no idea about. »>

    Daily Chinese Proverb : Frog in a Well

    Eurêkoi – Bibliothèque publique d’information

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