We are a production company in Barcelona. We’ve made a documentary about Marcel Duchamp and we need to include the famous picture of Duchamp in an urinary made by Julian Wasser. We need to get the buyouts. Do you know the contact phone or organization that we need to contact to talk about it? Thanks a lot!

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Dear Ms,

Artists files and archive collections are kept in the Bibliotheque Kandinsky, which is the Museum of modern art library (specialized library with a collection of documentary and heritage resources related to visual arts, design, architecture, photography, cinema, video and new media in the 20th and 21st centuries)

. You may find all informations on the web site of the Pompidou centre :


In english, look for the online resources, then Kandinsky Library,
you will find all information about on line services, contacts and consultation conditions.

For your question precisely, you can contact Brigitte Vincens in charge of photographic reproduction rights
Tel : 01 44 78 43 91
Fax : 01 44 78 43 91


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