I am a Professor of the University of Valladolid (Spain). I have been studying for some years the figure of the Arabic translator of medical texts Constantine the African. In order to finish my research I need to consult a key text to my studies. It’s an arabic edition of Ibn al- Jazzar published in Bagdad in 1980 by Salmane Ketaya. Its title is something like “The book of the stomach, its illnesses and treatments”. So it is: Ibn al-jazzar, The book of the stomach, its illnesses and treatments, Salmane Ketaya (ed.), Bagdad 1980 (I found this information in Internet: Ibn Al-Jazzar, Le livre de l´estomac, de ses maladies et leurs traitements, Publié en 1980, à Bagdad, dans son texte arabe par Salmane Ketaya) I would be very grateful if you could tell me how to get any information or reproduction of this work. I would send you a bank transfer, a check or whatever. Kind regards

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We do have the book in Arabic you’re looking for :

– Kitab fi al ma`aida wa amradouha wa mouda’watiha / Ja`afar Ahmad bnu Ibrahim bnu Abi Khal bnu al-Jazzar al-Qaryawani ; tahqiq Salman Qataya.- Baghdad : Dar al Rashid lil Nashr, 1980.- 269 p.

كتاب فبي المعدة و أمراضها و مدا واتها / جعفر أحمد بن إبراهيم بن أبي خال بن الجزار القيرواني ؛ تحقيق سامان قطاية.- بغداد، دار الرشيد لانشر، 1980.- 269 ص
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But unfortunately we can’t send you a copy.
We didn’t find it either in other university libraries in Paris. May be you could ask to the your national Library in Spain to get it or to have a copy.

Another solution would be that you come and consult the book here, or, if you know someone in Paris, that this person could come to make a copy of this book.

Our library is opened all summer long.

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