how many library do you have in paris?which one is the oldest?

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As you can see on Bibliothèque Mazarine’s site, this is the oldest library in Paris :

« Cardinal Mazarin’s own library was opened to the learned public in 1643, hence becoming France’s first public library ».

Here is the home page of Paris site about libraries :
As you will see, there is a lot of libraries : national, specialized, public, french or foreign and so on.

General informations about municipal and specialized libraries : locations and opening hours, services, special collections… are avaible on the following website

If you need to find a specific specialized library in Paris you can use the Bpi libraries directory « Oriente express » at the following link :

or the heading « autres bibliothèques » on Bpi site :

I advice you that keywords to be used are only in French

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