Dear BPI, I would like to know if it is possible to see your film collection via computer. I thought that I heard on Telematin some time ago that in the near future all of your films were going to be available on-line and that one would have access to them Is this true, I would be very happy, indeed, delighted to pay for such a service. I am a big fan of French cinema, but it is very hard to get many French films (Clair, Gance, Tati etc. ) in the states. Thank you very much.

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the information you heard is wrong, I am relly sorry.

In fact the collection of films at the Bpi is a collection of only documentary films. No fiction at all. They are avaible only on place on different sections of the library.

But may be the information you heard concerns the BNF, the French national library. You can ask them directly on their website through the SINBDAD service.


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