Attn.: REFERENCE/MUSIQUE Dear Sir-Madam: I seek a piece of info on the famous French music publisher, RAOUL BRETON. Mr. Breton was born in Vierzon, France, 26-8-1896. From my research, I was able to find that he passed away/decede in 1959. QUESTION: Do you have an exact DATE of PASSING for RAOUL BRETON? This would be most appreciated, as all of my efforts to find this info have been to no avail. Thank you -merci- for your time. Sincerely,

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Raoul Breton was born in Vierzon-ville on 26/8/1896 and died on 29/4/1959 on board ship « Paquebot Liberté » (information from municipal
corporation of Vierzon).

About death of Raoul Breton , I’ve got new information from shiping trade register .
In fact as Raoul Breton died on board « Liberty ship », it mentioned on the register of merchand navy this good date of death : 22/4/1959
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